by Nuklear Frost

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Mixing/Mastering - Max Karon


released March 18, 2014

R - Throat
J - Strings / Throat
M - Strings / Throat
D - Battery



all rights reserved


Nuklear Frost Minnesota

Audio Terrorism

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Track Name: Theist Holocaust
Quivering fealty to doctrines of lies
The rabble coalesce at civilization's gallows
Cloistered in spirit, the subservient minds
Cobble god-incarnation from the marrow of primitive fears

Divinity conceived of oppression
Progression of the species suppressed

Hex-star, cross, crescent - the cancer divides
Icon-lesions of leperous entrenchment
Each hand in the theater raised to portray Cain
Enacting guignol from a void of meaningless text

Envoys of unmitigated superstition
Grotesqueries of statuesque rigidity
Apostles of the demiurgic delusion
Smothered in stained shrouds of falsehood

Abjure the illusions
Of archaic faiths
The words of these fallacious tongues
Silenced with perspicacity

Aberrations of a barbaric desert-dwelling diaspora
The 3-fold Abrahamic bond, a blighted tree which must be cleaved
Snake handling, tongues, hysterics, cannibalism of a sacrificial savior
Overlooking the inference of their highest teaching:
The parable of man killing god

Impending reaction must be furious
Armed, iron-willed subjugation
Fire beacons mark the horizon
The remains of each church, synagogue, and mosque
Track Name: In the Name of Nothing
Disciples, prophets, purveyors of deception
Fall to your knees
Embrace the aphotic infection
To desecrate the vestal of light

Let us praise death for it is the only truth
And let us stain your lavish throne with blood and lead

Eyes that see beyond the veil
Tongues that speak not but truth
Souls that gaze and reach beyond
Violence, salvation
Death your redemption

Heretics, harbingers of Christ's lucid fallacy
Sickened and frail
Blood fills your throats, a eucharist of carrion
Death, your salvation, your Messiah's redemption

Let the light drown by a great red deluge
Perish all deceitful prophets and lymphatic fools

On wings they come, from beyond
A thousand worlds, a thousand stars
Spewing hatred against your crown
To desecrate again and again
Track Name: Vortex of Horror
Languishing in the illusion
Mirage of graven gold
A banquet for the meek
Famine to the bold
Reduced to ruminants, stricken
A spiritual malaise
Heads bowed in reverence
Beneath a gleaming blade

Blind, with bound hands they are led through the maze
Eternally mindful of the keepers of the cage
Like a lurching ship in a perilous storm
Staying the course with dismay

Deception and aspersion
By vipers in the rule
Doctrines, institutions
Reining in the fools
Insidious locution
An idiom uncloaked
The inmates, disaffected
Seek refuge in revolt

The threads that bound so taut, so tight
Severed twain that dreadful night
Structures fall by nimble fire
The strident masses rise

All points converge upon collapse
Attempted absconding by those who oppressed
Vanished like rabbits into the brush
The oration of ammo from firing squads

Upheaval unleashed, night of fire in the garden
Woe, for the hand has risen against the oculus
Women and children wailing in somber timbres
While temerity of men fills the streets with carrion
Those who cry for return are greeted with death or lashings
Taken for those who wore their fetters as finery
Coldly, in the end, man cannot escape his madness
As all forge ahead through ordeals of the labyrinth
Track Name: Charnel Ditch
Cinders white like driven snow
This charnel ditch where comrades fall
To appease the clockwork machine
Blood-rusted under crimson sheen
Hunkered down in make-shift holes
They shiver like winter-born foals
Few remain eager to fight
Anticipating the inevitable strike

Frostbitten fingers clench weapons rusted
by exposure to adverse, inclement elements
A gust of an ill-wind brings the stench
of decaying amputations into the camp
Artillery that deafens with a shroud of silence
Causing other trialed senses to tense
Tactics and logistics of deadlocked advance
Told the life of a horse supersedes that of man

Decorations in light of what they lost
Silver Star, Croix de Guerre, Iron Cross
A puppeteers' war fought using pawns
A continent burning while industry crowed
Treachery hidden by black ink's gloss
An epidemic forcing hands of the clock
Remission of the combat abattoir
Til the dawn of the next great war
Track Name: The Failure of Altruism
Glaring embers staring lambent
A clamor of shattering chains
The obligation to altruistic morality
Resolved in mutual paths of declination

Crucible boiling sickening poison
Vacuous corrosion, worm-eaten veins
Strike at the crux of the fatted beast
The dam breaks in a wave of repudiation

For what is man without anger?
A sotted serf peddled among bidders
Victim of guile, a knave, and a pawn
His castrated instincts provide him no compass through the world

Defeatist... the idealist...
In the face of the intrinsic logic...
Man's untrammled nature of aeons
Track Name: Become Death
Man, in his pride, has rose
From humble beginnings of stone
To surpass, on this path
All expectations of old

Sovereign of his surroundings
Great archer of the earth
So proud in the flesh which adorns him
Astute to the wiles of the world
The wilderness which once tested him, vested
He traces paths of clouds now with ease
Dwellings to rival height of mountains
He plunders resources from the seas
Regal bearing of this eminent offspring
Each ordeal left barren in the dirt

Fire, once harnessed, now conjured
In accord with his will
Man, claiming godhood
Before him all creatures are still

The slow climb from the primordial expectorant
To surmount the vagaries of Olympus
Yet legends of gods share a thread
Their unmatched ability to destroy
Still escapes him

Armored by his ambition
His hands have crafted the weapon
Which can test the validity
Of all his creations

Baptized by plutonium rain
Fulfillment of myth now resolved
The sceptre of godhood attained
Deified, ordained in the world's defeat